Themed Parties​


Our themed parties include costumed entertainers, dressing up, take-home crafts, storytelling, games and dances:

Walk The Plank

Prepare to walk the plank with Hunky Dory's pirate themed party. Meet our pirates and hunt for the missing treasure, find out what happened to our pirate's stolen gold, swab the deck in a lively pirate dance, discover why our pirate prefers a duck to a parrot, and much, much more! ©

Once Upon A Time

Enter the magical world of fairy-tales with Hunky Dory's One Upon A Time Party. Search for Cinderella's missing slipper, avoid the wicked witch's poison apple, dance at the ball, and find out what happens after midnight! ©

Save The Day

Become a hero and save the day with Hunky Dory's superhero themed party. Discover what happens if you touch the kryptonite, and face the challenges as part of 'Superhero Training' and receive your very own superhero certificate and graduation ceremony. © 

Safari, So Goody

Lions, Tigers and Bears, oh my! Everything will be Safari, So Goody with our jungle themed party. Join our Jungle explorers as they search for new and unusual species, and have a roaring good time dancing through the jungle, and trying not to wake the sleeping lion! ©